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Hartworks, Inc., creates DVDs, books, ebooks, and websites... generally about alternatives to the mainstream ways of doing things. It's the home-based business of Kelly and Rosana Hart, and our products reflect our div
Kelly and Rosana Hart
erse interests. We have been offering fast and friendly customer service since our first products came out in 1984.

Hartworks.com is our flagship website. Our online presence began right here in 1998. We've expanded a lot since then. See a list and description of Kelly's websites, mostly on natural building. Rosana's interests are eclectic; see a list of her websites here.

We changed our most popular videos over to DVDs a few years ago, and our ordering process links you to Createspace, which manufactures our DVDs right after you order them. Using its secure server, you can safely order with your credit card online. They will ship anywhere in the world. We are no longer personally directly involved in fulfilling orders. Lovely after some 25 years of sending orders out in all weather!

On This Website

We are happy to be part of the exciting movement to build alternative homes made of sustainable materials. Kelly's program, A Sampler of Alternative Homes: Approaching Sustainable Architecture, is one of the most popular programs he has created. As a result of what we learned while making this program, we built our own home out of earthbags. And then we made a program, Building with Bags, about that. If you are interested in natural building, also be sure to take a look at this list of Kelly's websites on the topic.

We explore alternative ways of healing animals in our DVDs for dogs and cats, featuring Linda Tellington-Jones:
Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Dogs
Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Cats

We also have a DVD on Telepathic Communication with Animals, featuring Penelope Smith. Stories about a psychic dog and a psychic cat (both our animals) along with a page of tips about being psychic with pets, round out this section.

We have a delightful neighbor who is a fine landscape painter now in her 80s. Kelly created a book of her paintings: The Seasons of Geneva Weiss. Take a look at her art in the book right on that page.

We raised llamas for some years and made information products about them... here is a page about llama training.

We've made Youtube videos about a variety of these topics, so here's a page showcasing our Youtube videos.. Kelly is doing more still photography these days, and here is a page with the most recent photos he has on Flickr, right here on this site.